Cleaning out my closet


Between living, breathing,fighting flu, cooking and cleaning I have to make a plan with my new (smaller) closet. Being used to have a two bedroom apartment and the closet space that goes with that all to myself. A four drawer double closet is a bit of a erm, challenge.

Another deciding factor is my height, shelves are high up and my little legs are down low! But I have to get this going all my stuff doesn’t fit and the mess is driving me crazy!

To Pinterest we go….

So a few basic questions to start your organisation

  1. Have you worn this item in the last 6 months YES-stay NO-go
  2. Does it fit? NO-go
  3. Is it torn, broken or stained? YES-go
  4. Will you ever wear it again? NO-go
  5. Do you own any items to wear with it? NO-go

3 new baskets have been purchased, one for panties, one for bra’s and one for socks.

A new container for earrings and all other jewelry.

I still need some advise about my shoes…

I love the days of the week tags, vertical storages for your undies,using paper towel holders for jewelry and I think I have found my shoe resolution..take photos of your shoes and put it on the box, so you can stack the boxes neatly?

This post will be updated once these steps has been followed!

Watch this (closet) space..





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